The NSIN Adaptive Threat Force supports solving warfighter problems with human capital as the DoD's exclusive red team.


The NSIN Adaptive Threat Force (ATF) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program featured within NSIN’s Acceleration Portfolio that partners to test and evaluate defense innovation prototypes in a challenging environment for the warfighter. The only DoD innovation program of its kind, ATF is a unique combination of experts to solve difficult issues while embedded with the warfighter.

Proven Expertise

ATF is a live field red team providing prototype testing, evaluation, and innovative technologies to prepare warfighters for the battlefield. Designed to meet ground warfighters’ needs of having real-time problem-solving capabilities in the field, ATF specifically offers ground warfighters testing and experimenting with combined arms maneuvers at the edge of current conflict challenges and near-peer threats. The ATF challenges today’s ground warfighter force with tomorrow’s technology and threats.

Specific tasks:

  • exercise/simulation design
  • surrogate technology integration
  • data collection analysis
  • interactive student-led discussions on technology

An Accomplished Record

Since its inception (2018), ATF has engaged over 15,000 marine, national guard, Army, and Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldiers and field-tested over 250 technologies at live, force-on-force events. Attracting commercial entities, academics, and other subject matter experts that otherwise would not collaborate with the DoD, ATF brings people of diverse backgrounds together with a shared mission to support national security interests.


  • Department of Defense


DoD partners, contact your NSIN Regional Director or email to discuss requirements for hosting an ATF cohort.