Bootcamp is a program within our Collaboration Portfolio offered to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that educates and empowers participants to solve pressing problems within their organization.

Offered to a cohort of up to 40 participants, Bootcamp is organized around a command-sponsored problem in which participants propose solutions to address the challenge area. NSIN delivers the course in partnership with a teaching team from the University of California-Berkeley.


Bootcamp is a three-day crash course that delivers speed and efficiency in solving problems beyond the speed of government. Facilitated by a university teaching team, the program brings innovation tools and practices to bear on the DoD’s toughest problems. Offered to a cohort of up to 40-participants, the Bootcamp program will give hands on innovation experience to DoD servicemembers through a practical problem-solving experience. The outcome of the program is meant to provide a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) to the commander, which directly addresses a problem the unit is facing.

As to the How

The Bootcamp program is an accelerated, three-day course in which participants are introduced to the concepts and methods for innovation in the context of real-world problems facing their unit. Using the same concepts and methods being taught at leading tech and business schools across the U.S. The course utilizes human-centered design (HCD) methods for problem framing and solving, in addition to hypothesis development and testing. Utilizing these tools allows commanders to capitalize on the talent in their organization and receive an initial framework for a solution(s).

The course ends with servicemember teams pitching their solutions to the senior leader. The pitch event is meant to provide the commander the option to act on the momentum and ideas generated by the Bootcamp. The unit will have access to an NSIN representative throughout the course.

What we have done

The Bootcamp program has trained more than 200 service men and women in advanced problem framing and hypothesis generation/testing. This event delivers viable solutions to the immediate problem area of the command sponsor and provides the skills necessary to solve current and future problems within the participant’s home organization.

NSIN has conducted Bootcamps for U.S. Pacific Fleet, US Marine Corps Installations & Logistics Community, U.S. Air Force Air University, U.S. Air Force 70th ISR Wing, U.S. Air Force 4th Fighter Wing, U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Marine Logistics Group, U.S. Air Force 566th Intelligence Squadron, U.S. Air Force 673rd Air Base Wing, U.S. Air Force 20th Fighter Wing, Hanscom Contracting Office @ Hanscom Air Force Base, and National Air & Space Intelligence Center.

For potential DOD customers, please contact your NSIN Regional Director or email to discuss requirements for hosting Bootcamp.