Collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of our work to change the way the Department of Defense solves problems. You are an important part of the National Security Innovation Network and this Brand Page was created especially to support your efforts in this shared mission.

Below you will find our brand assets and the tools to create materials on our behalf or in partnership with us. The NSIN Communications Team is available to coach you through the use of the brand and answer any questions you have.

Explore our Brand Guide by section:

Brand Guide for Partners, NSIN Logos, Typography, Business Templates, Color Palette, NSIN Iconography.

Brand Guide for Partners

Download the NSIN Brand Guide for Partners.

NSIN Logos

Master Logo

The master logo is the centerpiece of NSIN’s identity and should be prominently positioned on all printed and electronic communications. The secondary master logo works best on projects that primarily have a horizontal format such as certain postcards, billboards and mailers. While black and white versions of the master and secondary logos are available, the NSIN blue logo should be used in most situations. The master and secondary logos are available as EPS, JPEG, and PNG files.

Download the NSIN Master Logo files.

Download the NSIN Secondary Logo files.

NSIN Monogram

The monogram is usually reserved for in-house applications. It may also be used for major organization-wide initiatives that use the “NSIN” acronym. While black and white versions of the monogram and secondary monogram are available, the NSIN blue logo should be used in most situations. The monogram and secondary monogram are available as EPS, JPEG, and PNG files.

Approved Applications:

  • Signage

  • Pre-approved merchandise or promotional giveaways

  • Social media avatars and posts

  • Sanctioned NSIN-wide initiatives

Download the NSIN Monogram files.

Program Logos

Each NSIN program has a series of logos available for branding its marketing materials. Please email marketing@nsin.us to request program logos.


Consistent use of our official fonts unifies materials and adds another element that defines NSIN’s visual identity.

NSIN’s two official fonts are Lato and EB Garamond. In most instances, Lato is the font of choice.

Download the complete Lato font family for free from Google Fonts.

For official correspondence and other long-form print documents, EB Garamond may be used for body copy measuring 12 points or less.

Download the open-source version of EB Garamond for free from Google Fonts.

Business Templates

PowerPoint Templates

Download the Graphical standardPowerPoint template (4:3).

Download the Imagery standard PowerPoint template (4:3).

Download the Graphical widescreen PowerPoint template (16:9).

Download the Imagery widescreen PowerPoint template (16:9).

The templates are formatted for use with Microsoft PowerPoint. The templates have limited functionality when used with Google Slides.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Download one of NSIN’s meeting backgrounds.

Color Palette

Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of NSIN’s brand identity. Using color appropriately is the easiest way to ensure our marketing materials create a cohesive and memorable NSIN brand.

The NSIN color palette has two layers: primary and accent palettes. While accent colors can work well to enhance NSIN’s primary color palette, improper use of them undermines the brand.

NSIN Brand Color Palette!

NSIN Iconography

Select an NSIN Icon to enhance the visual appeal of marketing materials and quickly convey content. Icons become memorable through frequent and consistent use. Please follow the assigned definition for each icon.

Download NSIN Icons as PNG files.

Download NSIN Icons as EPS files.