Connecting subject matter expertise and the DoD to focus on pressing national security problems.


The NSIN Experts program connects Department of Defense (DoD) problem sponsors with subject matter expertise, builds relationships, and activates committed networks of academic problem solvers to focus on pressing national security problems.

Academic Expertise

The Experts program connects technical subject matter expertise from academic or research institutions to senior DoD leaders with compelling problems. The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) connects talented individuals with a desire to give back to their nation with the opportunity to serve in a part-time, non-uniform capacity. During Experts, participants will meet at least biweekly with their DoD counterparts and have the opportunity to provide high-level insights and apply their expertise. Success is measured by innovative, thoughtful, and efficient approaches to solving DoD problems to better protect and enable the warfighter.

Mission Partners

To participate in the NSIN Experts program, DoD organizations must be willing to engage biweekly on an unclassified technical or entrepreneurial problem. These DoD partners must be open to unconventional solutions and outside expertise. It is expected that these partners develop an impact memo upon conclusion of the program, and regularly engage with the experts to whom they are connected.

Application / Next Steps

Interested participants and military partners can email for more information.