Join us May 25, 2022, for the final live-pitch round of the 'Reality Bytes' Hackathon as innovators pitch solutions to visualize, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity events.


Department of Defense personnel responsible for analyzing the health and vulnerabilities of networks face a range of challenges to prioritize and focus on critical cyber-based threats. For example, they must manage a range of diagnostic tools across multiple software platforms while remaining vigilant for hard-to-detect events that could prove to be signals of phishing or hacking attempts from adversaries. Further diagnosis is often even more difficult for personnel in expeditionary environments with physical limitations on bandwidth, energy, and processing power.

About this Event

  • What: The final, live-pitch round of NSIN’s Reality Bytes: Visualizing Cyber Operations, a virtual hackathon event.

  • When: May 25, 2022

  • Where: Virtual

  • Who: Open to anyone interested in developing cyber operations and improving the ability of personnel to visualize, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity events.

  • Why: Prize Pot of $70,000, with a track for start-ups and a track for students. Continue prototyping your solution with investment for winning concepts.


Registration is required to attend. Please click the following link to register via Zoom.