Accelerating the adoption of novel concepts and solutions.

The Acceleration Portfolio is focused on finding and creating ventures that develop solutions to the real-world problems faced by service members. The Acceleration Portfolio identifies startups emerging from the academic and the venture communities that can address DoD problems in innovative ways. Our programs and services support the engagement of ventures with potential DoD customers and stimulate the creation of new ventures from technologies emerging from DoD labs.

NSIN’s Acceleration Portfolio programs include:


NSIN Foundry identifies breakthrough Department of Defense (DoD) lab technology and leverages it to solve the real-world problems of DoD and commercial customers. Teams of entrepreneurs, working with DoD lab scientists and technologists, assess the market viability and the potential to commercialize DoD lab technologies.

Emerge Accelerator

The NSIN Emerge Accelerator connects Department of Defense (DoD) mission partners (e.g., operational units, program offices, etc.) with emerging technology teams and startups at our nation’s top research universities. Participating university partners throughout the NSIN Network identify teams based on DoD technology areas of interest. During an academic year, these teams receive the support and training necessary to become new dual-use (i.e., applicable to the commercial and DoD market) ventures.


Propel partners with the nation’s leading startup accelerators to help the Department of Defense access emerging technology from the venture community by supporting cohorts of early-stage dual-use ventures in developing their ability to understand and work with DoD Mission Partners.

  • Economic Development Initiative (EDI)- NSIN Propel-EDI is an iteration within the NSIN Propel program designed to source talented companies from economically challenged areas across the country to meet the objectives of NSIN’s DoD Partners. The Propel-EDI program seeks to match problem-holders within the DoD with non-traditional commercial solution providers and align potential government funding opportunities.
  • Propel 2022 - NSIN Propel enables the development of next-generation applications of emerging dual-use technology for government and defense. As a center of gravity for the Department of Defense (DoD) innovation community in the Mid-Atlantic region, the program supports early-stage ventures with commercial applications to develop practical acquisitions, knowledge, and capacity necessary for success in the federal market.


Starts events give dual-use ventures opportunities to showcase their technology and business ideas to potential Department of Defense customers, contracting officers, potential mentors, and investors.


The NSIN Vector program is an accelerated learning opportunity based on the business fundamentals of dual-use venture creation. The program seeks prior NSIN programming alumni to participate for the opportunity to compete for a follow-on contract.

Adaptive Threat Force

The NSIN Adaptive Threat Force (ATF) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program featured within NSIN’s Acceleration Portfolio that partners to test and evaluate defense innovation prototypes in a challenging environment for the warfighter.