The NSIN Tech Squad is a remote, part-time, voluntary service opportunity that connects early-career technologists with Department of Defense (DoD) components to deliver innovative technological solutions for national security problems.

Early Career Technologists

Are you a young professional with a background in technology? Are you an intellectually curious, natural tinkerer, frequently tackling projects in your free time? Do you want to put your skills to the test and support the critical work of our service members? If you answered yes, then your experience and capabilities could make a difference, and you may be a great fit for Tech Squad.

The NSIN Tech Squad connects talented, early-career technologists with a desire to serve their nation with a flexible, part-time, voluntary opportunity for service. As a Tech Squad member, you will be matched with a DoD mission partner and have the opportunity to develop a novel solution towards the sponsor’s pain points. Serve your nation according to your schedule.

Click here to learn more about how the inaugural 2021 cohort supported various DoD components.

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Applications for the Spring 2022 Tech Squad cohort have now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements?

To qualify for Tech Squad, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Have full-time experience in the technology sector.
  • Be committed to working closely with a DoD mission partner to deliver innovative solutions.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Tech Squad is a 3-month remote, part-time, voluntary service opportunity (5-15 hours/week for 12-14 weeks). Please note that this time commitment is only an estimate; time spent on the assigned project depends on the volunteer’s proficiency in the skills required.

The timeline of service for the upcoming cohort is March - June 2022.

Is this a paid opportunity?

NSIN Tech Squad is a competitive volunteer opportunity that allows talented young professionals to support service members by developing technological solutions for the DoD.

You will fill out a voluntary service agreement that protects your Intellectual Property (IP) but grants the DoD the right to use the developed solution and its derivatives.

Do I qualify if I am a student?

Current students can apply to join Tech Squad. However, please note that you must have “full-time” experience within the tech industry to qualify for the program.

Will I serve on a team or by myself?

Tech Squad volunteers serve on a team of 1-2 volunteer(s) per project. Many of our volunteers come from different backgrounds and time zones and juggle various commitments, so a small team structure tends to be most effective. Our structure provides volunteers with high-quality experiences and allows for deeper exposure to the DoD problem at hand.

When do I hear back about my application? What is the timeline for the matching process?

Tech Squad is currently sourcing national security problems to match volunteers. When you submit your application, we will review your background and skills on a rolling basis. If your background is a good fit for DoD project(s), we will reach out to you during January or February for an interview. All matches are anticipated to be completed by March 2022.

DoD Mission Partners

If you’re interested in parterning with a Tech Squad volunteer, please visit our DoD Tech Squad page to learn more and fill out our DoD Mission Partner interest form.

Tech Squad Resources

Download the Tech Squad volunteer one-pager.

Questions about Tech Squad?

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