This is the page introduction. It is defined in the front matter (ie. the list of variables that come before the post body). You can include links using HTML syntax.

Basic text styles

The NSIN site uses Markdown and some basic HTML to format content. This example post shows all of the differnt formatting options at your disposal.

Bold text. Italic text. Bold italic text. Inline link. Basic paragraph text is just written out normally without any characters on either side. To create a new paragraph, just hit return twice!

I’m a blockquote. By default I’m 100% wide at small browser dimensions (mobile and tablet), and 50% wide at desktop dimensions.

Because blockquotes are 50% wide at desktop dimensions, it’s always a good idea to have a paragraph after them so that there’s something to the right of them on large browser windows. If there’s an image or video or headline or nothing after them, it’ll look weird!

Below this paragraph is a horizontal rule.

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