Welcome to the NSIN Alumni Showcase.


Each month the NSIN Alumni Showcase will highlight dual-use ventures that have accelerated out of NSIN programming.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Armaments Research Company (ARC)

Armaments Research Company (ARC)

ARC technology leverages state-of-the-art internet-of-things (IoT) and machine learning (ML) technologies to transform weapons into information nodes or ‘sensors’ and arm warfighters with advanced, real-time decision support. The CEO is Michael Canty. Learn more https://www.armaments.us/. Key words: connected battlefield, intelligence, AI/ML, IoT, and special operations.



Fraym offers machine learning software that turns ordinary household surveys into census-like spatial data across entire countries. The CEO is Ben Leo. Learn more https://fraym.io/. Key words: Geospatial data, machine learning, foundational data.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Macro-Eyes


Macro-Eyes is an enterprise supply chain AI for the forward operating edge by matching supply to demand, people, commodities, and products when/where needed. The CEO is Benjamin Fels. Learn more http://www.macro-eyes.com. Key words: logistics, AI, Special Operations, and supply chain.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: PeakMetrics


PeakMetrics uses narrative identification and attribution to defend against coordinated information warfare/disinformation attacks by using machine learning to spot adversarial online content, conduct audience analysis, and assess context credibility. The CEO is Nick Loui. Learn more https://www.peakmetrics.com/. Key words: information operations,intel,disinformation, and cyber.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Arcascope


Arcascope is a circadian management platform capturing wearable data to radically transform users’ relationship with light so they sleep and feel better. The CEO is Olivia Walch. Learn more https://www.arcascope.com. Key words:health, digital, mobile, biotech, and sleep.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Pison


Pison offers wearable gesture control technology to increase situational awareness, enhance android team awareness kit (ATAK) functionality, and enable multi-user drone control. The CEO is Dexter Ang. Learn more Pison.com. Key words: ATAK, situational awareness, AI, machine learning, and drones.

NSIN Alumni Spotlight: Pierce Aerospace

Pierce Aerospace

Pierce Aerospace removes uncertainty by identifying the responsible party behind a drone, robot, or IoT system, offering interoperable solutions and defense technologies. This CEO is Aaron Pierce. Learn more https://www.pierceaerospace.net. Key words: UAS, remote ID, drones.